The CleverEngine

The tech that powers CleverAdviser

The CleverEngine is a powerful, cloud based computer system that analyses millions of pieces of fund performance data each month and uses complex algorithms to make the rational fund switching recommendations for CleverAdviser. This fully quantitative system removes the possibility of human interruption distorting the decision-making process, resulting in more rational investment outcomes.

How it works

The CleverEngine is a highly sophisticated computer system powered by cloud technology, that uses proprietary data and complex computer algorithms to analyse information on over 4,000 UK registered funds each month.

This unique, fully quantitative system sifts, scores and ranks funds across a range a carefully selected criteria and identifies top performing funds, as well as those doing not so well.

The CleverEngine sits at the very core of our two investment propositions and ensures that human interruptions are removed from the fund switching process, delivering more robust and efficient outcomes.


years of
performance data


funds analysed
per month


per month


client portfolios

The CleverEngine is the quantitative system that drives our investment propositions.

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