Regulatory frameworks like MiFID II, designed to protect consumers, are putting financial planners under increasing pressure to provide more value to their clients, justify fees properly, and provide more robust investment solutions for their clients.

Simply put, they are becoming more accountable for the advice they give not only to the regulator, but also to the clients they serve.

Colum Wilde, our founder and CEO was a highly experienced and qualified financial planner who thoroughly understands accountability. That’s one of the reasons he launched Clever – to help financial planners deliver the very best investment experience to their clients, which is the essence of what these regulations set out to achieve.

The unique technology behind our investment solutions helps financial planners tick many of the regulatory boxes and provide a first-rate experience for their clients.


We know from our own experience that running a financial planning business is very rewarding, but it involves a great deal of hard work to keep on top of the administration involved with ever increasing compliance requirements, client reviews, suitability reports, PI renewals and so on.

Whether you asset allocate and manage client portfolios internally or outsource investment management, having a Clever investment solution in place could help you significantly reduce your administrative workload and increase operational efficiency, leaving you more time to focus on your clients’ requirements and the more profitable areas of business development.


It’s a well known fact that reducing business costs and streamlining operational efficiency can help drive profitability, as can improved client satisfaction, service innovation and increased turnover.

We have spent the past 10 years developing unique technology-powered investment solutions for financial planners designed to help achieve those goals and help grow and maintain a healthy profit margin.

Clever’s investment solutions are unique in that they are driven by Clever technology that takes much of the human involvement out of the investment process reducing operational workloads, whilst improving your clients investment experience.


It goes without saying that the financial planning market is highly competitive, with firms constantly competing for customers’ attention and loyalty.

We believe our investment solutions will help you stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons over and above  outright performance – because they’re driven by technology that removes the vagaries of human emotion out of investment decisions providing more efficient outcomes for you clients and  because our in-built communication engine that will keep your clients in the loop with regard to those investment decision.

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