How the best advisory firms structure their CIP

How the best advisory firms structure their CIP

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What is Clever?

What makes people so delightfully human is the same thing that can make them such poor investors.

Even the most seasoned professional investors have a weakness: they’re people, too.

No matter how skilled, no matter how qualified, even the most experienced managers can’t help letting their human foibles and weaknesses affect their judgement.

There’s always the danger of overconfidence, the reluctance to accept losses and, most damaging of all, the urge to follow the herd. That is, to do something for no better reason than everyone else is doing it.

Sometimes, the effect is to create inertia, with difficult decisions put off; kicked into the long grass in the hope of better news tomorrow.

At other times, things move too fast, with the herd stampeding at real or imagined dangers, with decisions made in haste only to be regretted later.

The surprisingly common outcome of this is that assets are sold near the bottom of the market and bought near the top. Which, of course, is the exact opposite of what any rational investor would hope to do.

This is the reason why, back in 1999, we decided to invent a better way of making investment decisions.

We have developed a unique data-driven technology that removes human emotion from the investment process.

Welcome to the new world of Intelligent Investing.

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