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Our Journey

The CleverAdviser story from an IFAs light bulb moment in the year 2000 to over £1bn funds under management, here’s why and how we did it.


Clever Adviser Technology Limited was established

The idea behind Clever was born of the company's founder Colum Wilde, a practising IFA, who wanted to find a better way of protecting his clients’ investments. At the time, investment managers were very focused on the right time to buy funds, but not necessarily when to switch out of them. Colum decided to create an automated process that would sift and sort funds and inform him of the best time to switch out of underperforming funds, protecting his clients from unnecessary losses.


Launched Clever to Colum’s IFA Clients

After the initial success of the Clever service and subsequent discussions with industry peers, Colum quickly realised that other IFAs wanted to be able to offer the same service to their own clients. The now growing Clever team took this on board and developed a desktop version of Clever (Zenith) that could be delivered to IFA firms.


First IFAs live on the desktop version of Clever

Based on discussions that Colum had with other IFAs, he realised that other IFAs wanted to be able to deliver this same service to their own clients. We therefore created a desktop version of Clever (Zenith) that could be delivered to IFAs (via a CD), for them to upload onto their computers. This was used by a handful of IFA firms.


Clever Adviser Technology Officially formed

A board of directors were appointed, shareholder’s monies taken in and a new brand including the Clever Cat was created.



Based on demand, we soon realised that we couldn’t continue offering Clever as a desktop application, so a cloud application was released.


In-house Development Team

Prior to October 2013, all of the development work for the Clever application was outsourced. As demand grew and Clever’s development roadmap gained complexity, we decided to bring development in-house.



Clever launched their new brand identity (removing the cat), which included a new interactive website designed to be a go-to-place for IFAs seeking technical, investment and marketing resources. The site also includes a new scribe art video that clearly explains the Clever investment proposition in just four minutes.

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