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By Joanne Graham in Investing on Dec 13, 2017
While increased legislation may not have been on your Christmas wish-list, the revisions made to…
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Merry Techmas
By Joanne Graham in Humour on Dec 06, 2017
Picture the scene. It’s a snowy Christmas evening in 2047 and after a day’s celebrations,…
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7 Successful Ways to Build Client Relationships
By Joanne Graham in Marketing on Nov 22, 2017
Bob Dylan said it best back in 1964 when he sang that the times are…
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The changing state of advisers’ relationship with fintech
By CleverAdviser in Behavioural Finance, Big Data on Nov 07, 2017
As a fintech company, we were surprised to see the results of…
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How data visualisation can help grow your advisory business
By CleverAdviser in Big Data on Aug 29, 2017
Data, data, data everywhere! But not a drop that can be deciphered?…
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What is regulatory technology (regtec) and how is it helping...
By CleverAdviser in Economic and Investment Technical on Aug 23, 2017
Regtec, regulatory technology, has been coined as a phrase as the sister to fintech (financial…
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Advice and investing is evolving. Is economics about to do...
By CleverAdviser in Behavioural Finance on Aug 09, 2017
Read whichever classic economist you like and you’ll soon hit upon the theory of growth…
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Man vs machine who wins the investment battle?
By CleverAdviser in Behavioural Finance, Big Data on Jul 19, 2017
Robo advice is increasingly prevalent. Some advisers, though, are still a little wary…
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Can AI, Algorithms and Big Data predict the lottery results?
By CleverAdviser in Big Data on Jul 12, 2017
At CleverAdviser, we love big data! In fact, we’re quite an authority on…
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Robo-advice is changing the definition of independent financial advice
By CleverAdviser in Behavioural Finance, Clever News on Jun 19, 2017
Ever since RDR, regulators have realised there needs to be a rethink on what ‘independent’…
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The Election Result and the impact on IFAs
By CleverAdviser in Clever News, Economic and Investment Technical on Jun 14, 2017
Theresa May and the Conservatives may have won the General Election but it was certainly…
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Why focusing on a niche is the best way to...
By CleverAdviser in Guide on Jun 06, 2017
Narrowing your target audience may sound an unwise strategy. Surely it makes more…
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